unit – Is it possible to customize the Scriptableobject Inspector for single-level data without using PropertyDrawers?

I've invented a new innovative game mechanic for Bricker Breaker Quest and I want to create a quick prototype to recruit a game development team. After losing a week looking for the best way to easily represent simple level data, I started to reluctantly use Scriptableobjects. Each level is defined as a list, where:

Public class Block: MonoBehaviour, IComparer
public int x;
public int y;

public int lives = 0;

How to correctly serialize the Block object in order to be able to enter the integers X, Y and Lives directly in the inspector? As a quick hack, I created a list instead of the blocking list and use the Z input field to enter the lives. It may seem excessive to create a PropertyDrawer only to rename a field.

Any other advice is appreciated.