united kingdom – Want to state to the authorities there is no intention to make UK a de facto home

I have tried but am unable to find out the rules for visitors to a foreign country.

If I study for a 6 year MBBS (medical) course at a University in the United Kingdom, and consider my parents wish to visit me every 6 months till I finish my degree.

Now, as you might be knowing, the UK allows visitors up to a maximum of 6 months at a time/every 12 months. There is also a point they mention that visitors should have a genuine intention to return to their home country after their trip to the UK. Also, there are 2, 5 and 10 year multiple entry visas as well (the long-term Standard Visitor visa), but again, 6 months at a time/every 12 months.

If visitors stay every 6 months of a year to visit the UK and apparently make UK their de facto “home”, they could potentially be taken very seriously. Visitors must not intend to use this to make UK their de facto home.

My question is whether the UK permits parents of students studying in the UK to accompany them for 6 months a year (that is the maximum limit allowed for visitors) till they finish their degree (in this case, a 6 year long Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree)? The parents do not intend to game the system and make UK their de facto home (though it might seem so for the duration of those 6 years). Instead, they just plan 6 month trips to the UK every year till their child finishes the degree. Their intention isn’t to make UK their home.

Can the UK ban my parents from coming to the UK if they notice a regular pattern of coming to the UK every year (and utilizing the entire 6 months duration every time they come)? Is there anything out there (like a declaration statement or so) where my parents can state that they do not wish to live in the UK permanently, and this pattern is merely temporary until I finish my 6 year degree? The reasons they will use the full 6 months limit are humanitarian and affectionate. They just want to be with me as much as they can. No intention to game the system or unlawfully invade UK’s spaces. Can they explain this to the relevant authorities beforehand so that they are not banned from coming to the UK in the middle of my degree?

Thank you and kindest regards.