unity – Camera doesnt track player properly on different resolution

Hello i have 2d mobile game where camera follow players car, on my mobile phone with resolution 2960×1440 everything works fine but when i start the game on tablet with resolution 2160×1620
the camera shows only a half of the car… i made some drawings for better imagination 🙂

first is my mobile resolution

and second is my tablet resolution

I was trying to do it by myself for a few days but i am new in unity and i do not fully understand Camera class

i have this script on my camera:

public GameObject playerPos;
private Vector3 lastPlayerPosition;
private float distanceToMove;
void Start()
    lastPlayerPosition = playerPos.transform.position;
void Update()
        distanceToMove = playerPos.transform.position.x - lastPlayerPosition.x;
        transform.position = new Vector3(transform.position.x + distanceToMove,         transform.position.y, transform.position.z);
        lastPlayerPosition = playerPos.transform.position;