unity – Clones size is bigger than the original?

I’m trying to clone items inside array. But the clones i’m getting is bigger than the original one!! Also, after couple of second the script is missing/removing some clones !!

Update 1:
I’m working on puzzle game such as “Candy Crush”. Now I have my items to fill inside sorts”dots”. What script should do, Clone my items and insert them on sort place. What happen is I get the size bigger than the original one. and after seconds script is missing/removing some clones from “Clone_Ghost” !!

public GameObject() Items; // 4 elements
public GameObject() dots; // where to place my clones
public GameObject ClonePlace; // hold inside canvas
public GameObject() Clone_Ghost; //

void Start()
    Clone_Ghost = new GameObject(dots.Length);

    for (int i = 0; i < dots.Length; i++)
        Clone_Ghost(i) = Instantiate(Items(Random.Range(0,3)), dots(i).transform.position, dots(i).transform.rotation);
        Clone_Ghost(i).transform.parent = ClonePlace.transform;

Add this line at end to solve the scale problem.

    Clone_Ghost(i).transform.localScale = new Vector3(1, 1, 1);

and about the “missing/removing” is because another script that work to destroy matches items.