Unity LWPL Alternatives for Camera Stacking

I am working on upgrading a project into a unit from a 2018 release to the last 2019. One of the game's mechanics is an AR (Augmented Reality) system. Some elements of the user interface appear in the 3D world, but clearly in the context of the hud. They must be transformed as the camera moves, but must always be drawn above the 3D scene.

The old project had succeeded thanks to the stacking of cameras. All RA elements were drawn on a different camera that was rendered over the 3D camera. Clear flags were set to "depth only" and this removed all other elements of this camera.

In the 2019 version of Unity with the LWPL, the erase flag function is disabled on the camera. To the best of my research, the camera stack has been removed from LWPL.

What are my alternatives? How can I now get this effect? I would like to stick with LWPL because I use Shader Graph for many effects in the game.