Unity Project Settings: What is the difference between “Graphics -> SRP settings” and “Quality -> Rendering -> URP Asset”

As the title says, I am a bit confused about the aspect that the URP asset is referenced from two different settings:

  • Project Settings -> Graphics -> SRP settings
  • Project Settings -> Quality -> Rendering -> URP Asset

In a blank URP Project, “Project Settings -> Graphics -> SRP settings” references the HighQuality URP asset, and “Project Settings -> Quality -> Rendering -> URP Asset” has three different tiers, all of which reference their respective URP assed (i.e., either LowQuality, MediumQuality, or HighQuality.

Switching from one quality tier to another applies the respective URP asset, i.e., if I switch the quality tier to Low, the LowQuality URP asset is applied, even though the HighQuality is still set in “Project Settings -> Graphics -> SRP settings“.

So now the question: Why do I have to set a URP asset in “Project Settings -> Graphics -> SRP settings” if it seems that it is overridden by the URP asset defined in the quality tab?