unity – Why the break point is not working with the unity3d editor?

The visual studio version is : 16.8.3 Visual studio community 2019

The editor version is : 2019.4.15f1 personal

On other project I have opened it’s working fine. It also worked fine on this project but then something went wrong now not sure why the break point/s are not working with this project !

In the editor I did double click on a script attached to gameobject and it opened the visual studio then I clicked on the left side to add a break point and did Attach to Unity but the break point on the left is broken with yellow warning.

Breakpoint is broken

I tried to close and re open both visual studio and the editor.

In the editor I did : Edit > Preferences > External Tools and this is the settings :

External Tools settings

I also clicked on the Regenerate project files.
But nothing worked so far.