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About me:
I own rmmv.co, a website with nearly 40,000 members. It currently has 37,848 members and earns about 100 people a day. I have been developing and creating forums for about 10 years now (started in 2009) and, throughout this period, I have learned a lot, made a lot of mistakes and I really know what I am doing.

What I am looking for:
I am looking for an old forum to back up and run. And, in doing so, I am looking for other members of decent sized or growing communities. I will create a webmasters community focused on teaching and helping others to improve their new communities. It will be more of a college-type setting (not necessarily for students, it's the basis of the theme and the field), so I'm looking for people who know a little decent about things such as creating new things. a forum, SEO, marketing, promotion, etc.

What will you get out of it:
At the bottom of the forum is an advertising space where users can use their forum's currency to post their site. As a staff, you will get this for free. Just as I would be willing to help work on your forum from time to time to make sure it improves with my forum. What better way to promote help on my forum, personally helping yours. It will not be a daily thing, but I will make sure that its content is new and that its publications are engaging from time to time. And find links to the original content of a site on which I plan to invest a decent amount per month in order to help it get better rankings.

How to register:
The SM tells you that you would like to be part of the staff and that you give me links to some sites / forums you own. Or simply post on this post and I will use as reference any forum you have in your signature.