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Greetings to the members, administrators and visitors of this forum

Recently, we launched our new UploadShip platform, and we are happy to join the wJunction with you.


PPD rate ($ 150 / $ 10k).
High quality server.
Multimedia player (video / audio).
Image viewer.
No spam with ads, no Pop ads we use adsense.

Make money:


Check out the awards page >> ((Awards))

*** We will upgrade our referral system as follows:
Will earn the% rate for referrals on:

SPA – Rate in%.
PPD -% rate.
Recharge -% Rate

Premium account:
Storage space: Unlimited, you can download what you want.
Duration of file storage: For all time, we will not delete your files.
Uploading multiple files: You can download multiple files, up to 5000 files at a time.
Uploads per day: Unlimited downloads 24/7.
By file size: 100 GB each file.
Publicity: You will not see any ads.
Download time: No need to wait, instant downloads.
** We offer high prices because we do not use any ads pop or spam, we use adsense.
We also offer a high PPD rate.

Check the plans >> ((Plans))

***Special offer***
We offer a FREE premium account for all who want.


***Important: If you request a free premium account, you will not earn money by downloading your files (PPD).

Why do we provide a free premium account?
Many people and site owners do not care about making money with the PPD system. We will be more than happy to provide you with a FREE premium accounts for them.

Check it out >> ((Free Premium))

Payments & Withdrawal:

You can pay and receive by:
Pay Pal:
$ 5 Min.
Transfer: $ 50 Min.
Payment request: Min. depends on the payment method requested.

Now you can ask for any payment method by contacting us.
** We are working on the addition of many payment methods such as Skrill, Neteller, etc.

Control panel of the user.
The user can easily manage his own files, creating new folders, and so on.


These are the statistics, pointing to any of these in the control panel, it will show what is intended
Type of account.
Remaining / Storage.
Last IP connection.
Total active files.
Total downloads.
Downloads today.
Today confirmed legal downloads PPD.
PPD downloads pending today.
Today, illegal PPD downloads, (If someone cheat … etc)

***Very important***
New update coming soon!
Upgrade the theme.
System upgrade.
App (Andriod / iOS)
Upgrade of the reference system:
We will upgrade our referral system as follows:
Will earn (% rate) for referrals on:
SPA – Rate in%.
PPD -% rate.
Recharge -% Rate
We will edit and update this thread when the upgrade is complete.

Contact Details:
-Form of contact of the site.
[email protected]
-Skype: uploadshipfh
-FaceBook: https://facebook.com/UploadShip

-NewProxyLists: PM here.

Contact support available in 3 languages ​​as primary:

All languages ​​as a translation!
Please read the terms carefully.