Uptime Monitor & Black List IP Monitor – Free and Paid – (AutoStart SolusVM) + Reseller -Dewlance®

We launched a website availability monitor, IP Blacklist Monitor, at a very affordable cost.

We offer free and premium plans.


– 5 different server locations for monitoring (and adding more).
– Automatically start your SolusVM VPS If down.
– Keyword Monitor
– 1 minute interval
– IP blacklist monitor on more than 40 RBL and get a notification.
– SMS notification.
– Public monitor status page.
– Choose the location of the monitor

Plan: free

– Monitors: 5
– 5 minutes interval
– 2 free SMS included
– 5 Monitor Location
– Email alert + SMS alert (optional)
– 1 page of public statistics

Price: $ 0 / month
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Premium Plan
Interval of one minute

– 5 free SMS credits
– Availability monitors: 40
– IP blacklist monitors: 40
– Website availability monitor
+ SolusVM VPS Availability Monitor
+ IP Blacklist Monitor

– 5 Monitor Location
– Email + SMS Alert (SMS is optional)
– Set the frequency of emails and SMS

Price: $ 4 / month
Premium order

I want to become a reseller?

– Yes, you can resell it and also, if you are hosting a VPS provider or vendor, use it for your VPS. For example, if you have 30 VPS, you can use our service to monitor your 30 VPS using our Premium Plan.

I am host, can I use it?

+ Yes, you can monitor 40 websites and if you need more, contact us for a personalized plan.

Will my key and my SolusVM API hash be secured?

If you want to monitor your SolusVM account management system with the help of our monitoring service, you do not have to worry. We use EV SSL, Secure Server and have several options like SMS Notification when connecting. You can also enable 2Step authentication for another layer of security. SMS Notification & 2FA ​​is free for our client.

I need a monitoring site for my country that is not available on your site, can you add it?

Yes, open a ticket and we can provide you with an update that we can add or not.

Do you have a demo like how to use it, etc.?

Yes, we made a demonstration video.