url – Software or script to generate web links for files in a folder

Is there software for Batch generating loc web links for the specified folder?


– file1.pdf
— File 1.1
—- file1.1.pdf

Expected production

Folder1 (folder)
– file1.webloc
— File 1.1 (File)
—- file1.1.webloc


The softwares above contribute to it, but I have a deep nested folder with hundreds of files. The softwares above do not support batch management, folder generation.

if there is no such software, someone will help me on the script below. How to make sure that applescript reads line by line from a txt file with the URL of the file, generate a record if necessary, save a webloc?

Entry: format txt file below

file: // folder1 /
file: //folder1/file.mp4

Tell the "Finder" application to create a new Internet location file in "file: // file" at the desktop with the properties {name: "my location"}