usa – Apply for a US travel visa after refusal

Last August, I went to the US Embassy in London, UK, and tried to get a travel visa for the United States. This visa has been refused due to insufficient links with the United Kingdom. I am a Polish citizen and have lived in the United Kingdom for almost six years. I moved here with my mother and sister and we decided to stay here. I am also a student and am currently in HND (Higher National Diploma), which is equivalent to the second year of university, but costs less.

During the interview, I lied about not having a job because I thought it would make my situation worse (I am a software developer and all my clients come from the United States). I was asked where I lived, told the parents and what my sister and my parents do (work, etc.).

Now, I'm thinking of trying again but this time telling the truth about my work, but that probably will not make a difference. In addition, I have heard that it is statistically much more difficult to obtain a travel visa to London than, for example, Krakow or Warsaw in Poland. Can I apply for the visa in my home country, does it make sense to do it this way?

Do I have a chance to get it?