usa – I-539 Visa Extension Question

My husband is an American citizen, we filled the I-130 in May 2020. I came to visit him in March using my tourism visa. However, I was supposed to return in April to Colombia (my home country) but I haven’t been able to return because the border is closed due to COVID-19. So, in July I filled the I-539 online to extend my tourism visa.

I am really worried because my last day on my I-94 is SEP-16, and the border is still closed. On SEP-19, Colombia might open the border but it is not sure. I had a return flight booked for SEP-6 but it was also canceled. USCIS has not answered my visa extension, they can take up to 5 months. Should I update my I-539 application with a new letter explaining that the flight for SEP-6 was also canceled? Do you think that if I overstay this is going to affect my I-130 application? Is there someone in the same situation as me? Has somebody applied for a visa extension?