usa – Traveling from the US to Costa Rica for Thanksgiving

The idea has been pitched for a house swap during the Thanksgiving holiday in Costa Rica for the family. I’ve looked up the travel restrictions currently in place here, and from what I understand, the gist is that as of November, tourists that are residents of all 50 states are permitted to enter the country provided they have a negative COVID test that was taken up to 72 hours prior to getting on the plane. I’ve been a bit of a lurker on this SE for a little while, though, and I’ve seen cases where there may be other restrictions and considerations in place that the first official place you look might not have.

Some of my family are residents of New York and others are residents of Utah. I also have a family member in California, but it is not yet clear if they will be joining us. Are there things to be aware of that I might have missed from other sources or misunderstood from the embassy page?