usa – You can do US roaming using a prepaid SIM card from elsewhere. Are roaming charges normally deducted from your balance within a few minutes?

Background information (you can skip this)

I’m in Canada. I buy prepaid cellphone service from Chatr, which is owned by Rogers Communications.

I’m planning to visit the US.

Chatr’s US data-roaming rates are somewhat tolerable. For a one-week trip, if I’m frugal with my data use, paying for data roaming may be cheaper than switching to a US SIM card.

My question

With some postpaid cellular carriers, it may take up to 120 days for roaming charges to appear on your bill.

When roaming in the US using a prepaid SIM, I wonder how long it will normally take for roaming charges to be deducted from your prepaid balance. Will this normally happen within a few minutes or less?

I’m not asking about Chatr specifically. Instead, I’m asking for general information about how long these kinds of things take. (If I wanted a specific answer regarding Chatr, I could phone customer service.)


I’ve tried some Google searches, but am still not sure what the answer is.

I’ve started a meta discussion about my question.

I’ve also cross-posted my question to a thread on the Chatr sub-Reddit.