usability – How to allow editing while still being disabled?

I’m currently working on settings for a tool that sits on top of client websites (something similar to Intercom chat). The settings are presented as a list of “cards” similar to the example below.


When making an update, we added an inline save confirmation step since these changes are “live” and publicly facing.


Some features/settings can be turned off altogether. When a setting is turned off, the background shifts to grey along with the toggle and a label change.

Now is where it gets tricky.

Not Active

Currently, the radio buttons in the setting customizations do not change state when the setting is turned off, I’m worried this introduces confusion as to whether or not the setting is active. I was thinking about making it change to a disabled state.

However, we want to allow the user a chance to update/make changes prior to making the feature/setting “live” again.

Any suggestions for a more optimal solution that solves for both concerns (while also considering best practices around accessibility contrast ratios and disabled buttons)?