usability – Is it possible to implement an animated user interface "Toolbox" animated navigation with a hover / click on the image maps in HTML5 for an announcement by e-mail?


In theory, I've wired a "toolbar" navigation area (overlay navigation with animation) that allows the user to hover over and click on categories in a set of topics – and when selecting – a static display area containing useful information opens on the screen. right. This display area contains image link information to blogs, resources, etc., from the email advertisement.

I understand the limitations of HTML5 in email marketing, but I'm familiar with the image mapping and available hovering qualities that exist. Still, I do not know the possibilities of creating an animated navigation user interface in the sidebar with content folded at the bottom. My client really wants that to happen, and I do not know how to make it deliverable.

I'm sorry if the wording of my question is hard to understand – I'm new to this site and I do not know how to dictate my problem in the most efficient way possible – I've provided an image of my user interface above. Thank you for your help.