usability – List of documents on mobile

This is a general question, but the approach you will use will be the same no matter what you design.

The purpose of your application is to provide the user with documents.

You do not need to limit the document to 8-10 at a time – mobile users feel comfortable flipping through a page.

However, if you have a lot of documents, it can be tedious to flip through a long page to find the document that interests you. Features such as "search", "filters" and "favorites" would be very useful. These additional features help the user to locate the document (s) they are looking for, and they will thank you for it.

If document search is the main task, other types of tasks are called additional tasks and include:

The workflow must be aligned with the object-action interaction, which is the natural way humans interact with anything in the real word, for example. you select an object before choosing what to do with.

To apply this to the digital world, let the user search and display their document before displaying the buttons to trigger features that apply to the document.