usability – Where can I leave my ideas for Google?

Where can I leave my ideas for Google? I have 1000 ideas to improve Google. Apps say I can send comments. But, they do not answer. What do I do? What is going on?

Some ideas my … here!

Google Blogger

  • Add support to edit post or pages with Markdown!
  • Import HTML, CSS, JS e and no XHTML!
  • Add libraries js: jspdf, jquery …
  • DNS with RegistroBR or Brasil register DNS as .com, .br,, .gov and other things … & # 39;
  • Report on access or history to comments you do not want if you do not have access to your account.
  • Add suport to report false news.
  • Support CMS WordPress or other CMS.
  • Support NodeJS.
  • Electron Application Test.
  • Support Python.
  • Add courses for EAD "Distance Learning".
  • Frameworks: Boostrap, Skeleton CSS …
  • Libraries: Jquery user interface, Dragaable.js, Paper.js

Ps: I know Google's servers. I wanted something like an improved Github Pages. Or, better "Blogger Pages" with online test software. Make life easier for people.

Google Maps

  • Resource "Dead Point". This is "Information on the wrong address that has been provided".


  • Add Paypal with Youtube or the card "Visa / Mastercard / Hypercard …"

Google Profile Blogger

  • Add a new interface because it is ugly.