usb – Tablet ASUS T100T, no boot options

I have an ASUS T100TA tablet stuck in the BIOS (Aptio configuration utility). The start menu is completely empty. I suspect that the hard drive is detached. But before dismantling the table, I want to make sure that is the case. I've created a bootable USB key for Ubuntu and have tested it on other machines to make sure the drive is bootable. However, the tablet simply does not want to boot, and starts directly in the BIOS. The boot menu lists the USB drive, but even replacing the boot does nothing.

I found articles that were helpful to others and that suggested disabling secure startup and enabling CSM, which should facilitate the boot process. However, disabling secure booting does not change anything on my side.

I thought that the BIOS firmware of the Aptio configuration utility needed to be updated. So I downloaded the latest firmware to a flash drive and was able to run the update in the BIOS flash firmware menu. After updating, no luck. Nothing has changed.

Any contribution on this subject is appreciated.