User Experience Design vs. Design Thinking: What's the Difference?

I would say that Design Thinking was born from the principles of UX design or design in general.

The story of how IDEO (especially Tom Kelley, David Kelley and Tim Cook) proposed the concept of Design Thinking could be very useful here.

IDEO is an international design firm created as a traditional product / service design firm. But by the turn of the century, they found that their clients had contacted them to solve problems such as organizational design, business problems and marketing in the business – issues that did not fall within the traditional domain of design . The reason is that designers have a different approach to problem solving (more focused on humans, behavior, etc.) and have sometimes been able to come up with very innovative solutions and perspectives for other problems. than those of traditional "design".

This is why IDEO decided to qualify the application of the general problem-solving framework design principles as a design.