users – Associating a profile with a registration type

I’/m running Drupal 8.9.9 with the Profile and Registration Types modules. I created a member profile and said to show it on the registration form. With her/register I see the profile fields. But if I set up a registration page with registration_types, the fields aren’t displayed. I can’t find anything about associating a profile with a registration type, and am assuming there must be a setting or something in a yml file to do this. Is it possible?

My goal is to provide two registration forms, each with its own profile and to have it set a role when a user registers. I came close with multiple_registration, but it doesn’t allow use of profiles, which I prefer to added user fields. I want the public registration page for anon users to register them with the member role and present the member profile. There is another role and profile called staff, that will be registered by the admin. Users of either role should be able to edit their account and see only the appropriate profile.