users – Preferred format for displaying a negative currency (US English)?

I realize that it's a little old, but it seems like the "answer" is – ($ #. ##) ??? I was looking for – $ – $ for non-accountant here, but it seemed strange to me.

I agree with the localization "response" and the RED as not inherent in "negativity". But generally, (aside from numeric and decimal placeholders), a set of () in finance / accounting refers to a negative number.

This is true in [North] America as well as [Europe] (at least France, which I know a little, so I say it too, it is also the same everywhere for accounting).

Therefore, I completely agree with @VirtuosiMedia to create a CONFUSING screen.

With a – and (), you use TWO formats.

use only one or the other.

When I see the two used together, I immediately think

1) bad formatting
2) Double negative (… equals a positive number) …