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Hi ! Wjuncion #Members

We are pleased to announce our free hosting and file sharing service, which focuses on quality of service and not on profitability by putting annoying ads on the site.

What differentiates from other file hosting services?

  • We put the emphasis on quality, not just on money. This is why UsersDrive does not broadcast difficult / annoying ads that disrupt the user experience.
  • Our servers are extremely fast, which means faster uploads and downloads with unlimited bandwidth + 100% uptime.
  • We do not delete files for any reason except in the case of a legitimate DMCA / Copyright complaint.
  • We are flexible with our totally cooperative customers. (If you have a problem regarding the rates, etc., you can contact us whenever you want).
  • We offer the highest PPD rates in the market because our goal is to grow together.
  • Your files are totally safe with us. Because the files are stored with the help of AES-256 military level encryption.
  • We provide a free premium account for 1 year if you have decent traffic. (You can let us know via the FB page or you can contact us by email for this).
  • 200 GB free space is provided. (which can be extended for free on request)

We are not new to the market, it's been almost 2 years and people love our service.
#Current Global Alexa rank = 18K

We do our best to improve this service day after day, we are open to any suggestions and your comments are valuable to us.

Contact us at [email protected] (for more information)

You can see the images below for proof of payment etc.

Team UsersDrive!