Using AWS Drive to Host / Populate the FSB Child Directory in Stores – (Multisite Concept)

Great suggestion @David Austin.
Yes, that 's the direction I was exploring.
But found limited information of ftp software companies on this type of features.

It's the idea …

Accommodation side:
Several FTP hosting servers connect synchronized with the local server directory

Local side:
Use the atom or sublime of Github
With these platforms, you can edit, synchronize with the same folder as the one already synchronized with the FTP software.
Atom or Sublime also have other packages like Live Sever, js, css trick for errors, and so on.
With the right configuration, these tools are great.

So, the automation looks like this:

Creation on Atom or "" -> Synchronized to a local folder -> From a local folder synchronized to FTP -> From an FTP server synchronized to unlimited sites.
-> From FTP also synced with AWS S3 Bucket or another cloud for (Backup).

Something like that… :)..

After finishing with the social connection project this weekend, I will start testing an ftp software to see what can be done …