UX Best practice for destination page structure

I am currently working on a landing page that promotes a local destination
It’s a major city so the target audiences are family vacationers, businessman, tourism, weddings and honeymoons.

The purpose of this page is to increase website visits and flight sales.
Key factor would be selling more flights to this popular destination

What would be the best way to structure this landing page
I’ve noticed many destination pages have a blog at the top

Currently the page is structured as follows

  • Header
  • Flight selector
  • Banner
  • About the destination
  • 3 blog posts (3 columns)
  • 8 icons with info on country (in a 2 column format)
  • Main attraction in list format with thumbnail images
  • Latest articles on the place
  • Map
  • 4 paragraphs on safety of flying during the pandemic and what to
    bring to the airport

We design these pages as a team and I would have to present sound research as to why some of this has to change. I personally feel

  1. The webpage scrolls way too much( irrelevant info)
  2. There’s no proper CTA’s to sell flights, that’s the objective

I cannot share design screenshots as this against company policy.

Please let me know if my points are relevant and what would be the best way to structure such a landing page.