ux designer – Something like a UX ‘checklist’ for designing elements for beginners?

We (more experienced designers) have a few noobies at work and were wondering if there isn’t something like a general checklist for them to go through, e.g. when they’re designing an element for a website, so we can make sure they at least got the very basics covered.
(They didn’t have extensive UX education and some are career jumpers)

And it is not possible to let them test their designs with real users, it’s simply a matter of money & time. Unfortunate, but that’s why we were wondering if we couldn’t at least give them something to hold on to when doing their practices or first designs. This way they wouldn’t have to stop their & an experienced colleague’s work just to ask very basic questions.

This may sound like we don’t want to teach them, but it is simply about making the process a little bit easier and actually make their questions be worth the time.

Anyone had experiences with that?