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VONE ICO, the new loan system that includes a free cold storage device to store your VONE parts, as well as BTC and ETH. All users who invest more than $ 100 get a free device after the end of the ICO.

Part type: Pure PoW
Hash algorithm: Scrypt
Total Supply 21,000,000
First 6 200 000

2,100,000 before sale 10%
4,200,000 Crowdsale 20%
12,600,000 Marketing and Development 60%
2,100,000 Team 10%
total supply 21 million

What are the details of the loan plan and how does it work? The structure of the loan plan is below

Interest (daily) Release of capital
$ 100 – $ 1,000 0.35% per day After 199 days
$ 1010 – $ 5000 0.45% per day After 179 days
$ 5010 – $ 10,000 0.65% per day After 129 days
$ 10,010 – $ 100,000 1,10% per day After 99 days

The loan plan is very simple and yet very profitable, better than any current lending system. What makes the VONE Loan System unique? The VONE Loan System gives you the highest returns every day on your investments. You can also withdraw your coins at the end of the ICO period so that you are not tied to forced investments on our platform.

You can also earn free VONE coins by simply getting your referral link and sharing it on social networks or with your friends and family, no matter who is investing, you get a certain percentage of coins from your VONE balance. ready to be withdrawn or made available to the ICO. in the loan system to earn more profits on your VONE coins.

What are the sponsorship commission percentages

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
5% – 3% – 1%

If you buy a certain number of coins, you will get additional free coins below. You will find below the list of investment in parts and the number of coins you recover.

Number of rooms Additional rooms%
100 pieces 1.50% additional pieces
200 pieces 2.00% more coins
300 pieces 3.00% more coins
500 pieces 4.50% more coins
1000 pieces 5.00% additional pieces
7000 pieces 7.00% additional items
10000 pieces 10.00% additional pieces

What is the VONE device? The VONE device looks like a regular hard drive that allows you to plug it into your computer or device and access your VONE parts. You can also store Bitcoins and Ethereum parts on your VONE device. The VONE device will arrive at your home at the end of the ICO process. The device may take you 2 weeks. Once the ICO is complete, you will be prompted to enter the correct information on your VONE dashboard. We will then ship the device to you. the next business day via DHL. However, if you do not want to provide us with your personal data, you can ignore the free device request.

VONE will also release source code so you can create your own cold storage device at home to store your parts. You will need a hard drive with over 1TB to host the VONE, BTC & ETH nodes.

Exchangers: Coinexchange / Yobit

Social Media Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/144814852954219/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VONE_IO

Register here: https://v-one.io/?r=9843

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