VBA Excel – Insert an image with a URL – Identification Information window

I have a macro configured to navigate a website and scratch data + images to create a product comparison list. The small problem I encounter is that when I try to insert an image with the help of VBA, I sometimes get a Windows security prompt window to insert the login information. If I cancel the window, the code works fine, but this option will display each product in a range of 50 items, which is not ideal.

I have found some image URLs that seem to be inserted without this pop-up window, which suggests to me that this has to do with the security level of the Microsoft website.
I've also tried both .Pictures.Insert and .Shapes.AddPicture. Both have the same problem

The code below using the first link shows the login window, but if you use the second link, it will work without a pop-up window.

Under DrawPicture ()
Dim Link As String
link = "https://2ecffd01e1ab3e9383f0-07db7b9624bbdf022e3b5395236d5cf8.ssl.cf4.rackcdn.com/Product-190x190/0e72ef05-691d-4b3b-b978-a1bb9929e3
& # 39; link = "https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/54789364/JPG-logo-highres.jpg"
ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert (link)
End Sub

If anyone could explain and propose a solution to this problem, it would be great.