vectors – Find x and y coordinates using forces and velocities.

please can I have some help with this question?

"An inflatable ball of 0.1 kg floats on the surface of the sea." The current of the water under the bullet exerts a force C = (2i + j) N and the wind exerts a force of W = (3i – 2j) N. Initially, the ball is at the origin and has a speed (1i + 1j) ms ^ -1.
Find the X and Y coordinates of the ball t seconds later. "

What I did first was find the resulting force on the ball, then rearrange F = Ma to find the acceleration. I do not know what to do next. I suppose you use the suvat divided into horizontal and vertical components, but I do not understand why the values ​​should be substituted for the equations.

Any help / ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you.