version control – Repository naming conventions

My workplace is trying to implement a standard of naming new repositories as the domain name they might eventually have. Like a repository for a gambling company being called What are people’s thought on this?

To me this doesn’t feel like a good idea for a couple of reasons:

  • If the live domain ends up being different to the name of the repository then this will be a point of confusion
  • I suppose you can rename the repository but that may required some reconfiguring of deployment solutions and git configs to match the new urls of the repo.
  • For new developers to the project it might be difficult to work out which repo to use if there are multiple with similar names, although I suppose this extends to any project regardless of the naming conventions.

Are there any standard conventions that people use for this purpose. For web projects that have separate repos for front-end and back-end is clent-side and server-side acceptable names?