video – The ffmpeg thumbnail has not been added and the file size has increased too much after using the -disposition option

I'm trying to add a thumbnail to a video. So I used -disposition option
Here is the complete command I've used

ffmpeg -i  -i thumb.png -map 0: 0 -map 0: 1 -map 1 -c: v: 1 png -disposition: v: 1 Attach_pic out.mp4

This command gives an output that contains all the streams (A, V, IMAGE) but the video player did not show the thumbnail. Now the problem is not with the player. Because I encoded an example using this command and the thumbnail was displayed!

ffmpeg -i video -i image.png -map 0 -map 1 -c copy -c: v: 1 png -disposition: v: 1 Attached_pic out.mp4

When I ran that

ffmpeg -i video -it thumb.png -map 0: 0 -map 0: 1 -map 1 -c: v: 1 png -location: 1 Attach_pic out.mp4

The file size has increased significantly!
Contribution 1 MB compared to 235 MB!
Now, what am I doing wrong? Why the vignette has not been added and why the size has increased so much?
In addition, the image seems to repeat itself.
I found 25fps given the metadata of PNG information.