View information for a Google Maps marker without having to click Android?

Is it possible to view information from my favorites without clicking? I currently have a view where I show markers but I have to click to see the title defined, I would like the user to show them the bookmarks and that it goes to the title:
This is my code for generating bookmarks:

for (contributor c: list) {
String id = String.valueOf (c.getId ());
Marker marker = mMap.addMarker (new MarkerOptions ()
.position (new LatLng (Double.parseDouble (c.getPlColvol (). getLatitude ()), Double.parseDouble (c.getPlColvol (). getLength ()))
.title (c.getPlColvol (). getName () + "-" + c.getClave (). getClave ())
.icon (BitmapDescriptorFactory.fromResource (R.drawable.gota_sangre)));
marker.setTag (c);
//marker.showInfoWindow ();
misMarkers.add (marker);