views – Output data of different types of content in the same page

I have two types of content:

In my-theme / templates / page.html.twig I want to make a first section with all the books and a second section with all the movies:

Author of the book 1

Language of the book 1

Author of the book 2

Language of the book 2

Author of the book 3

Language of the book 3

Date of the movie 1

Movie Resolution 1

Date of the movie 2

Movie Resolution 2

Date of the movie 3

Movie Resolution 3

How can I achieve this in Drupal 8 and Twig, is it mandatory to use pretreatment and provide the model with the variable, should I create views or blocks and make them in my page … What is the right way to do that?

A concrete example will be very appreciated!

{% for book in pounds%}

{{ [Book Author Here] }}

{{ [Book Language Here] }}

{% endfor%}
{% for the movie in the movies%}

{{ [Movie Date Here] }}

{{ [Movie Resolution Here] }}

{% endfor%}