vim – Why does my Shift key have unexpected behavior in my device?

I am under MacOS Mojave and I get strange behavior from my Shift key.

In my terminal, after typing any text, if I press and release my shift key, it will add '; 2D; 10D & # 39; at the end of this chain. For example, if I type "hello" and press and release immediately shift afterwards he will become "hello; 2D; 10D ", and it will add that extra string as many times as I press and release the offset, e.g. pressing shift twice at the end of 'hello & # 39; would create "hello"; 2D; 10D; 2D; 10D & # 39 ;, etc. But if I have not typed any text yet, press and release shift Nothing is happening.

When in Insert Mode vim or in colon mode, if I typed something, pressing and releasing the Shift key moves my cursor to the right after the first character of the newly created character string. For example, I press I to enter insert mode. & # 39;|& # 39; represents my cursor. If I type 'hello & # 39; and I immediately press and release the shift key right after, my cursor ends here on & h; ello & # 39 ;. I noticed that in normal mode, I was pressing and releasing shift, the lower right corner that shows keyboard key combinations flashes quickly ~ @ #.

To debug, I deleted all my plugins and commented on my .vimrc file, and still got the same behavior. I also do not receive this behavior outside the command line, for example. when I'm using Microsoft Word, or even typing this now, pressing and releasing the shift the key has no effect. No matter what back on why this could happen would help!