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Cryptocurrency trading is considered one of the most promising and liquid investment areas in recent years. The vast majority of Internet users do not have sufficient opportunities to acquire expensive computer equipment and the profitability of small investments in this area is highly uncertain. Our company offers an alternative option that consists of leasing IT capabilities for cryptocurrency cloud operations in the cloud. All adult investors are invited to cooperate and each project participant is guaranteed transparency and stability of dividends. In addition to the transfer of mining equipment to investors, VIP Crypto Broker can offer a number of complete solutions for better interaction between investors and partners with management. The company's online resource uses the latest technology to protect the transfer of confidential data and financial transactions. We also use special software to optimize management processes and ensure the continuity of crypto-monetary exploration.

Investment plans:

5% per day for 365 days [$20.00 – $500.00]

6% per day for 365 days [$501.00 – $2000.00]

7% per day for 365 days [$2001.00 – $10000.00]

200% per month for 1 month [$100.00 – $100000.00]

250% per month for 3 months [$100.00 – $100000.00]

300% per month for 6 months [$100.00 – $100000.00]

Our deposit:

14.04.19 05:47 Transfer sent Payment: USD 60.00 on the account U20272443 of U1294xxx. Lot: 255724785. Remark: Payment in the cart.


Minimum deposit: $ 20
Maximum deposit: $ 100,000
Reference commission: 5%
Payments: Instant
Features: SSL, DDOS, original script

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Dates 15 days
Created on 2019-03-30
Expires on 2020-03-30
Updated on 2019-03-30

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CLOUD1.LOTUSPROXY.COM (has 68 domains)
CLOUD2.LOTUSPROXY.COM (has 68 domains)
CLOUD3.LOTUSPROXY.COM (has 68 domains)
CLOUD4.LOTUSPROXY.COM (has 68 domains)

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