virtual machines – How to get Azure File Share to work with WordPress multisite domain mapping when file share mounted to wp-content to resolve eorror 520

I am getting an error 520 on my images from sub-sites that domain mapped in wordpress. I am running azure file share with an azure vm that I plan to expand to more vm’s. The File share is mounted to the wp-content blogs.dir folder. If I move the images off the file share to the server everything works fine, but if I remount the file share then the images and content stored on the file share is inaccessible to the sub-sites, they are blocked from loading. This leads me to believe its a cross domain issue with Azure File Share, or an issue with the file share handling the mod rewrite, but that is all I have so far. I can’t figure out how to resolve.

My goal is to setup a scalable server hosting wordpress that I can connect other servers to for load balancing. So the file share would grant site content no matter the server the user connects to.

The main domain works fine ( as well the original wordpress domains unmapped (i.e., if I access the subsites through their original domains the images load and there are no errors. This only happens with a mapped domain ( and when the blogs.dir (running a multi-network) is mounted to the fileshare.

Please help