virtualization – Can I use a virtual machine to connect to a public WIFI network safely and use the Internet? (isolate the host)

I want to use my laptop to connect to a public WiFi network in a library but …

I have strong security on my Windows host (Comodo firewall using a public network of settings and rules, disabled protocols, limited privilege account, GPO rules, services disabled …) and uses dnscrypt. … but I think it does not hurt me enough to be totally safe or yes?

I do not have a VPN at the moment. Can I use a virtual machine to connect an Internet-only use safely ?. Isolate the host?

I also have a USB Wifi dongle. So I thought to disable all the network interfaces of the host (including that of the virtual machine) and connect the virtual machine (guest) to this dongle.

What do you recommend, there is a guide to do this with Virtual Box?

It's only for surfing the Internet and probably downloading some documents / programs, not to use my user information by connecting to the Internet, but I want to access my projects and documents stored on my host hard drive by isolating it in a secure way from the Internet.

If I only wanted Internet without access to the hard drive, I would use Tails and run, but …