virtualization – How to virtualize a DLL without creating an executable entry point?

In a project, I need to come up with a way to virtualize a third-party DLL with a known exported function prototype. I need to create something like this:

My app <—> wrapper DLL <—> third-party DLL in a virtualized environment

the wrapper DLL just calls the exported functions in the third-party DLL.

by virtualization I mean the third-party DLL has no access (or has limited access) to the Host system environment using software like Thinapp, Turbo Studio, Boxed App, Enigma Virtual Box, etc. I need to create the virtualization Environment only after calling some methods of the third-party DLL to set up the virtualized environment.

to put it in another way, I have a third-party DLL that makes some changes to the Host system via an exported function. now what I want to do is to call the exported function in a virtualized environment and capture any changes and isolate that as a container/virtual box. After creating that virtual system, I want to call some other functions of the DLL so that the DLL in a way that DLL is first loaded in the virtualized system and the DLLmain entry is called and then I can call the exported functions and redirect the results to my app from the wrapper DLL

Softwares like Thinapp, Turbo Studio, etc can capture the system changes and create a container with an entry point which can be called by the host system. the problem is that they all need an EXE file as an entry point which I don’t have, all I need is a single DLL to be virtualized.

does anyone have any idea how to achieve this? any idea is greatly appreciated.