virus – Getting a lot of daily trojan warnings from antivirus coming from the same IPs and they contain weird databases?

this is a very weird situation and I am frankly at a loss.
For a while now, I have been getting multiple daily trojan warnings from my antivirus (MalwareBytes). The IPs my web guard continuously blocks are very similar. Here is a list of them:    **  **

** The first and third IPs are apparently random apache servers, one in Ukraine and one in Mexico. The third one is what is most interesting to me. For some reason, if you go to it, you can log onto a database via their phpmyadmin and see loads of random information, including databases of usernames and passwords. This database seems to also be connected to a website called “”

What is happening here? And why am I getting “trojans” from these IPs every single day?!

Thanks for any clarification…