viruses – Malware these days

I was just browsing the Internet and looking for information for my graduation thesis that has a cool name "Malware these days".

I have read a ton of information on this subject but I am not sure what to believe or not. I'm not really experienced in this subject, so I do not know what are the boundaries of malware, what are the "hot" things nowadays, what are the potential threads of discussion in the near future, etc.

I check youtube channels such as Hak5, Seytonic, LiveOverflow but there is not much information about malware. Sooo .. my questions are something like:

For the thesis – which books should I follow?
Where can I get reliable information about current malware that I can use in my job?
Or all I can use in it? Ideas?

If you can give me a quick overview of the "hot" things, it would be great.

Thank you. Very appreciated. (: