visas – Applied for Greencard Lottery, got error when hitting submit button

I applied for the lottery today. When I clicked the submit button I got an error in chrome saying the page was unresponsive or the domain was not responding or something along those lines and didn’t get a confirmation number so went back to the previous page and clicked the submit button again, got the same error.

So I’ve now clicked submit twice, got no number either time. I have no idea whether the server did in fact receive an entry. So started from the beginning, redid the form and this time I finally get a confirmation number after submitting the form. I’m worried if my number does get drawn I’ll be disqualified from the lottery if the server did in fact receive form submissions when I hit enter before. I called the US embassy up but they just avoided talking to me and directed me to the website which is not exactly going to cover this edge case. Bit frustrated, as this could’ve easily been avoided with an automated e-mail confirmation or the site blocking a duplicate entry on point of submission.

Do you think I’ll get disqualified if my number is drawn?