visas – How do I find out if I have a ban for overstaying in the USA?

I overstayed my tourist visa, but 16 years have passed (from when I left in 2005) and I know that back then their immigration tech system wasn’t as sharp as now…. I think the system was implemented in 2007. In the meantime my old passport expired and I got a new one. I don’t even know if I had a ban. If I had a ban is expired cause it would have been a 10 year ban, but

  1. how do I check for sure if I had a ban?
  2. If I never had a ban, suppose I file for ESTA or any other visa (DS160 for the B1, or as domestic worker), do I have to say that I overstayed illegally even though (we assume) I never had a ban?
  3. what if I didn’t have a ban and I enter via bus from Mexico, just to be on the safer side? Cause I’ve seen stories of people who got the ESTA, but were still denied entry. And I’ve heard stories of people who lied about their stay on the ESTA application, got the ESTA and made it to do in/out with no prob.