vivo v3 u disk failure

i have a vivo v3 ..i wiped its data from recovery 4 times and then when i wiped it 4th time it booted and showed u disk failure and not sufficient data….so i tried to wipe it again from recovery but it fails every time and the phone is accesible through recovery only i cant even open settings …and btw it showed alot of problems before wiping….as it still runs on 5.0 . i have tried wipe cache partition and wipe data again but it doesnt work….and also when i reboot it up then after unlocking it shows that udisk message and gives 2 options clear/cancel when i hit clear it only reboots and does nothing and if i hit cancel then it shows that encryption failed u need to reset phone….there is an option given to reset phone but it does not take click ( i mean i click it but doest do anything like i didnt clicked an option)