vlc media player – MS Teams calls suspends my RTSP stream open in VLC — How can I resolve this?

I have a Reolink IP cam on my front door that I keep open on a small window so I can see when I have visitors (I can’t hear my doorbell from my office). I’m not interested in recording, only being able to view the front door. I access the feed by launching teams with this argument

vlc.exe rtsp://<username>:<password>@<camera IP>:554//h264Preview_01_main

Every time I initiate a call through MS Teams, the stream gets suspended. There is no visual indicator from VLC or error message, I just notice that the timestamp on the feed stops ticking away and I near longer hear outdoor noises. What’s even weirder is that as soon as I close the teams call, the timer starts advancing again, but with a lag of however long I was in the teams call; so If I was in a call for 15 minutes, my video stream resumes but at fifteen minutes in the past.

What is the cause of the interference, and how can I look to resolve it?