vpn – How to bypass IRI’s Cyberspace Users’ Rights Protection Plan (total internet shutdown)?

Recently, Islamic Consultative Assembly of Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime came up with a new plan; Cyberspace Users’ Rights Protection Plan.

The name completely shows the opposite. I don’t want to get into details1 and politics2. In short, it’s total internet shutdown and replacing it with something called National Information Network (NIN); something like 2019 Internet blackout in Iran. It has been said that 2019 Internet blackout in Iran was something like a test for this new plan.

How can I access the internet when they executed the plan?

I did some research and found these:

  1. Using analog modems (dial-up to a foreign ISP)
    cons: low speed and high price
  2. Using foreign SIM cards
    cons: currency problems and it’s only possible in cities that are near borders
  3. Data Cast (like toosheh project)
    cons: you can only receive data that they send
  4. SSH Tunneling
    cons: needs expertise
  5. Satellite Internet
    cons: unavailable and expensive equipment required. I also heard they are jamming the signals.

The only option that can be available for the majority of Iranians is SSH tunneling (experts helping other people). I’m no expert but I’m trying to learn.

Another thing is that during the 2019 Internet blackout there were plenty of Tor advertisements everywhere. I myself didn’t test that. Does Tor work during these situations?

1. alef.ir (may be blocked for non Iranian IP’s).
2. twitter.com