Waiting for the user – Message system – Deleting a conversation

I'm building a messaging system on my website. It is a threaded messaging system in which a conversation can take place between two people. One of the challenges I'm working on is managing the removal of a conversation. I'm thinking of doing the same thing as the operation of SMS conversations on mobile phones:

  • The user A deletes a conversation.
  • The conversation is only deleted from the inbox of user A.
  • The user B can always see and answer the conversation. He / she will not know that user A has deleted the conversation from his / her side.
  • If user B sends an answer, the conversation will reappear in the inbox of user A. However, the previous conversation history will not be visible to him.

Do you think that is a good way to do it? Or should a conversation disappear from both inboxes once it has been deleted by one of the users?

One of the reasons why I do not wish to follow this path is that, in the event that the user A sends an abusive message, then deletes the conversation before the user B n '. have the opportunity to report it.