warhammer 40k – Are the living saints demon princes of the emperor?

I examined the unity of the living saints and, according to their description, their belief in the Emperor-God was so great that they drew on the Warp without realizing it. and have acquired the ability to physically change their bodies, to resurrect themselves after death and death. throw sacred fire around – which are the same powers possessed by the demon princes.

Was there any confirmation or denial that these living saints followed the same process as the demon princes, exploiting the power in the warp generated by believing that the god emperor is a god, thus turning them into demon princes of the emperor god?

Here are some examples of things I'm looking for:

  1. A villain casts insults by saying that these living saints are no different from the demon princes.
  2. A source claiming that they are considered chain entities for the purpose of capabilities.
  3. A direct statement from one of the writers.