Was not horrible slavery? Bringing people here will be bad?

You are confused. You are after the fact living with the results of the world and the norm

Slavery has nothing really to do with territory, laws or a government (s).

It's all about business practices and tactics.

In general when people pay taxes under any government they are kinda left up to them what they do on their own property. As long as they pay taxes and are not interfering in the government body.

You have to realize that they could simply visit the slave markets and buy themselves if they had to force the action.

So money and sex talk.

What ever you're in, 'just' because it's still going strong, and it's still going strong.

It's perverse. I'm glad religion is here to chastise these muck mucks.

What did you do with HIS ring?

The Dark One knows. His Eye is everywh