Watch movies online, affiliate website, fully automated

watch the latest trailer of the movie, monetize with Movie or the amazon affiliate program is a website entirely designed for television series and television series. It comes with an advanced membership system, a system of reviews and user comments, an information system, you can use it Automatically recover movies / series data, movie trailers, news and current films in cinemas, it is fully responsive and built on laravel and bootstrap frameworks. Note: This is a website that is one year old and not two months old.


  • Responsive design, perfect pixel
  • News system, automatically search or write yourself
  • Get movie / TV show data from IMDB or THDB
  • Search system with suggestions and autocomplete
  • System reviews, user reviews and reviews
  • Full subscription system
  • Trailer system, YouTube API integration
  • Comments system, discrete integration
  • Profiles with watchlish, favorites and more ….

What is included in the sale?

domain and all files + database

What is needed to keep the company operational?

hosting + domain

Why do you sell the business?

need money for another project

How does the company generate revenue?

amazon and other network advrt

Is there a fee for the company? If that is true, what are they?

only hosting and domain

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?

share on social networks

How can the future owner improve the business?

create more powerful backlinks